Black velvet smoking cap, with flower embroidery and a tassel.

In 1839, the Hahnemanns were visited in Paris by an American actress, Anna Cora Mowatt.  This is taken from her account of the visit, published under her pen name, Helen Berkley:

Hahnemann was reclining in a comfortable armchair, on one side of the table.  His slender and diminutive form was enveloped in a flowered dressing gown of rich materials, and too comfortable in its appearance to be other than Parisian make.  The crown of his large, beautifully-proportioned head was covered by a skull-cap of black velvet.  From beneath it strayed a few thin snowy locks, which clustered about his noble forehead, and spoke of the advanced age which the lingering freshness of his florid complexion seemed to deny.  His eyes were dark, deep-set, glittering and full of animation. Leipzigr. Pop. Ztg., 1895, Vol 26, page 62ff

Provenance: Dr R Haehl, the collection of Mazzini Stuart