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Adams, Queenie Muriel Francis (1902 – 1999)

Queenie Muriel Francis Adams MRCS, LRCP, MFHom (7 May 1902 – 19 August 1999) taught general medicine at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and at the London Missionary School of Medicine Adams also practiced at [...]

Allen, Henry Chileab (1836 – 1909)

Henry Chileab Allen M. D. (2 October 1836 – 22 January 1909) was Professor of Diseases of the Skin and Miasmatics and founder of the Hering Medical College, City Physician at the Baptist Hospital and [...]

Angell, Henry Clay (1829 – 1911)

Henry Clay Angell MD (27 January 1829 – 28 May 1911) was a noted Boston ophthalmologist. Angell graduated from the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1852, briefly setting up in practice with German homeopathic [...]

Anthony, Susan Brownell (1820 – 1906)

Susan Brownell Anthony (15 February 1820 – 13 March 1906) was a prominent supporter of homeopathy, forming the National Women Suffrage Association and supporting abolitionism and she spoke out forcefully on behalf of homeopathy all [...]

Ashurst, William Henry (1792 – 1855)

William Henry Ashurst Snr (11 February 1792 – 13 October 1855) was a British solicitor who founded the commercial law firm Ashurst Morris Crisp at 6 Old Jewry Street. Ashurst was a political reformer and, [...]

Berridge, Edward William (1844 – 1920)

Edward William Berridge MB, BS (1844 – 13 May 1920) was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. Berridge trained at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1864, and then travelled to America to study at [...]

Bier, August Karl Gustav (1861 – 1949)

August Karl Gustav Bier (1861 – 1949) was a German surgeon and the pioneer of spinal anaesthesia. Bier was unusual for being very open minded in his support of homeopathy, even though he came across [...]

Blackie, Margery Grace (1898 – 1981)

Margery Grace Blackie CVO, MD, FFHom (4 Feb 1898 – 24 August 1981) was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy. In 1969 she became the homeopathic physician of Queen Elizabeth II, the first woman [...]

Bonneval, Bertrand-Henri de (1806 – 1882)

Count Bertrand-Henri de Bonneval M. D. (9 May 1806 – 13 June 1882), was a practitioner of homeopathy, agronomist and philanthropist. Bonneval was one of the earliest French disciples of Samuel Hahnemann. In 1831-2 he [...]

Burnett, James Compton (1840 – 1901)

James Compton Burnett MD (Glasgow 1872) (20 July 1840 – 2 April 1901) was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital and in private practice, and he [...]

Cooper, Robert Thomas (1844 – 1903)

Robert Thomas Cooper (1844 – 14 September 1903) BA, MD, Trinity College Dublin was an Irish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become a Physician for Diseases of the Ear at the London Homeopathic [...]

Dudgeon, Robert Ellis (1820 – 1904)

Robert Ellis Dudgeon MD LRCSE (17 March 1820 – 8 September 1904), studied in Paris and Vienna before graduating as a doctor. Dudgeon then became the first editor of the British Journal of Homeopathy and [...]

Dufresne, Pierre (1786 – 1837)

Pierre Dufresne (1786 – 1837) was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, a Physician at a Maison de Santé, he became the founder of the Society Homeopathique Gallicane (the Gallic Homeopathic Society), the [...]