White ceramic plate with a design in gold leaf round the border and a painted inscription in Latin in centre. The inscription states that it was presented to Hahnemann on the occasion of his 75th birthday on 10 April, 1830 by his close friends and former students – Stapf, Rummel, Franz and Haubold.

R ? tori / artis medicae sagacissimo / Seni ac Praeceptori meritissimo / diem natale X Aprilis CDDCCCXXX / pia gratulantur / Stapf. Rummel. / Franz. Haubold

Trans:  Recipients (?) / of the art of medicine from the wisest  / old and most worthy teacher /on your birthday 10 April 1830 / loving congratulations / Stapf, Rummel, Franz, Haubold

Part of a set with commemorative cup (see previous entry)