Hobart John William Barlee M.D. (13 September 1868 – 25 June 1948) was an Anglo-Irish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. In 1907 he became a member of the British Homeopathic Society.

Hobart Barlee was a student of Swiss homeopath Dr. Alphonse Beck and was a colleague of surgeon Charles Knox Shaw, Robert Gibson Miller, among others.

Hobart Barlee was born in Dublin in September, 1868. His father John Buckle Barlee (1831 – 1870), a former Cambridge University rower, was in the army Commissariat department. John Buckle Barlee married Emma Grace Mccay (c.1843 – 1930) in her home town, Dublin, in July 1867.

Hobart Barlee qualified M.D. from the University of Lyon in 1896 and received his licentiate from the Society of Apothecaries in 1907.

Between 1898 – 1899 Hobart Barlee was recorded as a practicing homeopath in Saint-André-de-Valborgne, a commune in the Gard department. Barlee was also reported to have practiced homeopathically in Lyon for several years.

By 1901 Hobart Barlee was practicing at 1 Rue du Fort, in Nîmes, France.

Two years later, in 1903, Barlee was still listed as residing at Nîmes. That year he married Amy Elizabeth Scott (1873 – 1938) in London. They had two children, Lilian Grace Barlee (1903 – 1996) and John Frederick Barlee (1907 – 1986). Lilian was born at 23 Broadwater Down, a hotel and spa in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, owned by an American-born chemist, Dr. Martin Edward Walston (formerly Waldstein) (1854 – 1936).

In 1904, Hobart Barlee was still recorded as practicing in Nîmes but, the following year, in 1905, he had also joined an additional practice at 3, Rue Washington, in Paris, alongside doctors Acart and Arthur René Arthuis (1841 – 1925). There Barlee specialized in general medicine, ear, nose, and throat.

By 1907 Barlee was the only one of the three physicians still listed at the Rue Washington practice. That year he appears to have moved to Edinburgh and established a new practice at 6 Coates Crescent.

In July 1911 Hobart Barlee was one of the registered attendees at the 8th Quinquennial International Homeopathic Congress, held in London.

Towards the end of 1913 Barlee relocated from Edinburgh and settled in Tunbridge Wells at The Crook, Grove Hill Road. Barlee was still listed at that address in the 1925 Directory of Homeopathic Physicians.

By July 1915 Barlee had joined the staff as physician at the Tunbridge Wells Homeopathic Hospital. He and his wife remained associated with the hospital for almost three decades, Hobart Barlee becoming Honorary Physician while Amy served on the management committee and as a life governor.

During World War I, a Homeopathic Hospital was established at Neuilly sur Seine in France. This hospital successfully treated several hundred casualties during its brief existence from 1914-1916. Hobart Barlee served at the hospital, alongside George Henry Burford, Alfred Edward Hawkes, James Johnstone, David MacNish, Frederick Neild, among others.

Hobart Barlee was a member of the Plymouth Brethren.

Hobart Barlee translated articles by Leon Vannier for the British Homeopathic Society, and he also wrote articles for various homeopathic publications.

Barlee’s wife, Amy, died in Tunbridge Wells on 14 February 1938. By 1945 Barlee had moved in with his unmarried daughter Lilian in Guildford, Surrey, where he died on 25 June 1948, aged 79.