Model of Samuel Hahnemann Memorial  on Massachusetts Avenue and 16th Street, NW (Scott Circle), Washington DC, USA.  Sculptor: Charles Henry Niehaus, NY

The pedestal has the inscription, SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR. Four large bronze bas-relief panels on the wall depict Hahnemann as a student surrounded by books, a chemist in a laboratory, a teacher in a lecture room, and a physician at a patient’s bedside.  Underneath them is written, on the left, DIE MILDE MACHT IST GROSSE (gentle power is great), and on the right, IN OMNIBUS CARITAS (in all things, charity)*. The central figure of Hahnemann is cast in bronze and the head is taken from the celebrated bust by the French sculptor, David d’Angers.  The main motif of the design is cinchona flowers and leaves.

The monument was the gift of the American Institute of Homeopathy.  It was approved by Congress in 1900 and unveiled the following June with great ceremony and in the presence of the US President, William McKinley, and many thousands of spectators

*Note: the right hand inscription on the model has, CERTIOREM MEDENDI USUM MALUIT (surely the physician would prefer this use).

Model presented by Dr. McLelland