Printed below photograph: BRITISH HOMŒOPATHIC SOCIETY / Complimentary Dinner to Dr. & Madame Pierre Schmidt, Connaught Rooms London, April 21, 1932. / Chairman: P. Hall-Smith, Esq., M.A., M.D.







Pierre Schmidt, 1894 – 1987

Pierre Schmidt

Dr Schmidt was introduced to the results of homœopathic treatment during the 1918 ‘flu epidemic while living in London. In 1922 he went to the United States and became the first graduate of the American Foundation for Homeopathy course for doctors. In 1925, he was one of the main founders of the Liga Medicorum Homœopathic Internationalis (LIGA), an international organisation of classical homœopathic physicians. His library (3,000+ volumes) was one of the rarest homœopathic collections in the world.