Wooden plaque set with a bronze relief portraying Hahnemann’s head and a small glass oval below containing a lock of hair and a handwritten note from Mélanie and Samuel sent to their friend, Rev Thomas Everest. It is inscribed, à leur Ami Everest / Mélanie et Samuel Hahnemann. There is also a printed note on the back of the plaque stating to whom it was presented etc. There is a metal hook on the top.  The disc has separated from the plaque and the wood is split.

The relief is a copy of one made in 1838 by the French sculptor and medallist, David d’Angers.

In particular, it was his facial expression, his physiognomy, which had a captivating effect. The long low arch of the skull, bald at an early age, with flowing locks of white hair only at the temples and behind, was sufficient indication, together with the fine high brow of the earnest thinker.   Ernst von Brunnow, View of Hahnemann, 1844

Presented by Mrs E I Taylor