A Memoir of Dr Quin, 1879

'A Memoir of Dr Quin', by Edward Hamilton M.D. 1879 blue leather binding

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Veterinary Homœopathy

'Veterinary Homœopathy, Comprehending the Treatment of the Diseases of All Domestic Animals'  Price 6s green leather binding

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Two Dialogues

'Two Dialogues' by Margaret Pollock  Born March 8th, 1893 - Died June 4th, 1929 Signed in pencil on front cover green cover

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Reminiscences on Homœopathy

'Reminiscences on Homœopathy' by R. A. F. Jack, M.B., CH.B. Birm. reprinted from "Homœopathy" - the journal of The British Homœopathic Association booklet, x pages stapled

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Homœopathic Manual

'Homœopathic Manual Containing Hints For Domestic Practice' brown cover

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Album, stored in cardboard box

Album of letters and notes, with a postcard inside the front cover; also contains folder with 3 leaflets on preservation and a note stating: Book donated by Mrs Peggy Ainsworth (nee Everest) whose relatives were [...]

Album, stored in cardboard box2021-08-18T11:46:14+00:00
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