The English Homeopathic Association

The English Homeopathic Association In 1846, the English Homeopathic Association had approximately 560 members. In 1849, the British Homeopathic Association (amalgamated with the English Homeopathic Association) had 1300 member, sufficient to establish a hospital. The English Homeopathic Association[1] was formed in May [...]

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The Homeopathic Convalescent Home Eastbourne

The Homeopathic Convalescent Home in Eastbourne (*photo used courtesy of Homéopathe International by Sylvain Cazalet at PHOTOTHÈQUE HOMÉOPATHIQUE) 36, Enys Road, corner of Enys and Carew Roads (nearly opposite the Princess Alice Memorial Hospital), opened [...]

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The Phillips Memorial Homeopathic Hospital

The Phillips Memorial Homeopathic Hospital, Lowndes Avenue, Market Square, Bromley, Kent, operated from 1889 – 1943, (*photo used courtesy of Homéopathe International by Sylvain Cazalet at PHOTOTHÈQUE HOMÉOPATHIQUE) was based on the Bromley Homeopathic Dispensary [...]

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The Hahnemann Convalescent Home Bournemouth

The Hahnemann Convalescent Home Bournemouth (photo used courtesy  of Sylvain Cazalet Homéopathe International) was founded in 1879 with 32 beds, enlarged in 1883, and in 1913, a chapel was added. The Home accepted patients with [...]

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The Bristol Homeopathic Hospital

The Bristol and Clifton Homeopathic Dispensary, Upper Berkeley Place, Bristol,  was instituted in 1832, The Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, also known as the Bruce Melville Wills Memorial, was endowed by Walter Melville Wills in 1925, and [...]

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The Birmingham Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary

The Birmingham Homeopathic Dispensary 1845 – 1859 A homeopathic dispensary was opened in Great Charles Street in 1845, and this was fully established by 1847, […]

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Homeopathic Dispensaries and Hospitals

  All over Britain and Europe, Homeopathic Dispensaries and hospitals opened their doors for the treatment of the poor. In every case the treatment for poor people was offered completely free of charge, and the [...]

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