Set of curtain ties

2 x Gold and pink curtain ties with tassels

Set of curtain ties2019-10-22T08:26:07+00:00

Set of curtain hooks

2 x Metal curtain hooks with decorative washers.

Set of curtain hooks2019-10-22T08:31:41+00:00

Velvet curtain

Red velvet curtain with tassel trim

Velvet curtain2019-10-22T08:27:14+00:00

Embossing stamp

Metal possible copper plaque in case. Plaque reads 'Faculty of [...]

Embossing stamp2019-10-22T08:29:32+00:00

Velvet curtain

Red velvet curtain with tassel trim

Velvet curtain2019-10-22T08:24:15+00:00

Velvet curtain

Red velvet curtain with pink tassel trim

Velvet curtain2019-10-22T08:28:08+00:00

Large glass dome with base

Large glass dome with blue velvet base, base possibly wood [...]

Large glass dome with base2019-10-22T08:35:14+00:00

Glass bell jar

Tall and narrow cylindrical bell jar with a circular wooden [...]

Glass bell jar2019-10-22T08:30:50+00:00

Glass bell jar

Short and wide cylindrical bell jar, illegible hand written label [...]

Glass bell jar2019-10-22T08:33:57+00:00

Glass dome

Large glass cylindrical dome with spherical handle on top, no [...]

Glass dome2019-10-22T08:32:51+00:00