Julien Aimé Davet de Beaurepaire de Benery MD (27 November 1797 – 1873) was an Italian homeopath who lived and practiced in France. He was a student and colleague of Samuel Hahnemann in Leipzig.

Davet was the homeopath of Emperor Napoleon III, who awarded him the Knight’s Cross of the Legion of Honour. Davet was also homeopath to an Italian Prime Minister and an Italian Ambassador.

Davet was a member of a Tuscan noble family from the Haute-Savoy region, but with lineal ties to the aristocracy of Flanders. He qualified as Doctor of Medicine from the University of Pavia in 1820, and was made Knight of the Legion of Honour and of the Order of Malta in September, 1845.

Hahnemann Bust, by Angers (1837)

Hahnemann Bust, by Angers (1837)

He was a member of the Society de Medicine Homeopathique in Paris, and a colleague of Paul Francois Curie and Frederick Hervey Foster Quin and many others.

Davet was a physician and acting President at the Hahnemann Hospital in Paris, a Professor at the Val-de-Grace hospital in Paris, and he was an editor of the Journal Homeopathique, and of the Gazette Homeopathique de Paris with Mathias Roth.

For Samuel Hahnemann‘s 83rd birthday, French homeopaths paid for an elaborate bust of Hahnemann, with a golden crown of laurel leaves, and inscribed with the names of many famous French homeopaths, including Davet.

Davet wrote cases and papers for the Italian Homeopathic Journal Commentario alla materia medica pura di Cantharis vesicatoria, the German Homeopathic Journal Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung, and the French Homeopathic Journal Bibliothèque homoeopathique. Davet also contributed to the Pharmacopoeia Homoeopathica by Frederick Hervey Foster Quin.

Davet died in Paris in September 1873 from vascular issues.

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