Sergei William (Bill) Kadleigh M.B. B.S. M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. (29 August 1945 – 18 June 1972)  was an homeopath at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital where was an Assistant to, and friend of, Margery Grace Blackie. He was one of sixteen homeopaths who died in the Staines Trident air disaster in June, 1972.

Homeopaths and homeopathic supporters including Isabel Campbell, Dudley Wooton Everitt, Marjorie Golomb, Elizabeth Sharp Hawthorn, sisters Kawther Theresa Kandalla and Ludi Marylone Kandalla, Joan Mackover, John Robertson Raeside, Mary Stevenson, Elizabeth Somerville Stewart and Thomas Fergus Stewart, also died in that fatal crash.

Sergei William Kadleigh was the only son of Russian-born, British architect Sergei George Kadleigh (1915 – 1998) and his wife Lesbia Mary Church (1916 – 1997).

In January, 1971, Kadleigh was elected as an Associate Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

Sergei William Kadleigh’s Obituary was provided by his friend Dr. Margery Grace Blackie in the British Homeopathic Journal vol. 61, no. 4. (October, 1972), page 252:

Dr. Kadleigh first came to attend one of the intensive courses of the Faculty, and from that moment on was enthusiastic to learn more about Homœopathy, as he felt that it was what he was looking for. Since then he first helped Dr. Priestman with visiting patients south of the Park, and came at least once a week, sometimes oftener, to sit in my practice. He also attended every possible lecture. He loved general practice and this is what he wanted to do. He would indeed have been an expert homœopathic physician. He had a real flair for Homœopathy, and his was such a particularly charming personality that he got on with everyone. After finishing a hospital job he came into my practice as a full-time assistant and, as he said, he enjoyed every minute. We found him most congenial and co-operative to work with, and the patients loved him. After only a month in the practice we received letters from dozens of patients telling of his sympathy and understanding. We have certainly lost a most outstanding homœopathic physician and his friends are coming to inquire about Homœopathy because “Bill” found it so inspiring and so satisfying.

From Anita Davies, in British Homeopathic Journal vol. 61, no. 4 (October, 1972) page 254:

Dr. Kadleigh was also an unusual person, a bright star set for but a short time in this world, and though I worked with him for only two weeks, his ardent curiosity was inspiring; he had unusual healing powers and the patients who saw him could not forget him. His interest in Homœopathy which led him to join the group going to the Brussels Congress, would have served the Hospital and Faculty well.

Memorial Address, given by Dr. Llewelyn Ralph Twentyman, at the Memorial Service commemorating those who died in the aircraft disaster. Held at the church of St. George the Martyr, Queen Square, London W.C.1, on Thursday, 29 June, 1972. Printed in the British Homeopathic Journal vol. 61, no. 3 (July, 1972), pages 130-133:

And now, young doctor, young among us, WILLIAM KADLEIGH, brilliant, full of promise, like a star that darts across this world. It is hard; it is hard for all who know such a person when suddenly he is no more here for us to take delight in. Yet we must somehow take the treasure of their being and their meaning, and honour it and lift it up. Strange are the ways of our fates.

Of interest:

Sergei George Kadleigh AA Dipl. (Hons), ARIBS (6 August 1915 – 7 December 1998), father of Sergei William Kadleigh, was a noted Russian-born British architect who was in partnership with Professor Patrick Horsbrugh (in Kadleigh, Horsburgh & Whitfield). He also worked with Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry.

The William Kadleigh Memorial Fund supports young homeopathic doctors. A former Chairman of the Fund was John Stephen Hughes Games. The William Kadleigh Memorial Fund is an unregistered connected charity whose capital funds are held and managed by Homeopathy UK on behalf of the Kadleigh Committee. The committee determine the disposition of funds and report at least annually.

There was a William Kadleigh Academic Department of Homeopathic Medicine at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital