Victor François Chancerel M.D. (14 September 1831 – 13 August 1901) was an orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician at the Hahenmann Hospital in Paris, and at the Hospital Saint Jacques, and various Dispensaries in Paris, Vice President of the La Société Hahnemannienne Federative, and the Secretary of the Commission of the Organisation of the Homeopathic Congress of Paris  and of the Societé Gallicane in 1851.

Victor Chancerel was the son of Dr. Charles-René-François Chancerel (1802 – 1881), one of Hahnemann’s first French medical converts, and Françoise Thérèse Bardel (1809 – 1894).

In July 1859 Victor Chancerel married Cécile Compagnon (1839 – 1893). They had one son, Robert Victor Chancerel (1860 – 1951).

Victor Chancerel edited the Journal de la Sociéte Gallicane de Médecine Homœopathique, alongside Boyer, Antoine Hippolyte Desterne, and Gottlieb Heinrich Georg Jahr.

Victor Chancerel was also a colleague of Simon Felix Camille Croserio, Paul Francois Curie, Delavallade, Gueyrard the elder, Pierre Jousset, Perry, Antoine Henri PetrozLéon Francois Adolphe Simon, Jean Paul Tessier and many others.

Victor Chancerel practiced at 98 Rue de Faubough, Poissonnier, and at 50 Rue La Bruyere.

Victor Chancerel wrote an article about Diphtheria for The British Journal of Homeopathy in 1865.

Victor Chancerel’s Obituary, written by Pierre Jousset, was in the 1901 L’Art Médical.

Of interest:

His son Robert Victor Chancerel M.D. (1860 – 1951) was also a homeopath in Paris in 1899.