ScarboroughFrederick Flint M.D. C.M. M.R.C.S. (26 January 1842 – 25 July 1904) was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a House Surgeon at the Birmingham Homeopathic Hospital, and a Dispensing Chemist at the Wolverhampton and Stafford Homeopathic Dispensary, and later was Medical Officer at the Norwich Homoeopathic Dispensary and the Scarborough Homeopathic Dispensary. He was a member of the Midland Homoeopathic Society and the British Homoeopathic Society.

Frederick Flint was a colleague of William Bell, James Gibbs Blake, Edwin Bullock, Benjamin Head Cadbury, John Cadbury, Cartwright, Clifton, Collins, Henry R Irwin, Joseph Lawrence, Marston,  Josiah Mason, Millin, John B Morehouse, Henry Robertson, Sharp, Edward Wynne Thomas, and many others.

Frederick Flint was born in Canterbury in 1842 to brewery-owner Frederic Flint (1810 – 1899) and Mary Ann White (1813 – 1902). He was educated at Warneford School and Kings College, London.

In 1866 Flint was elected a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (London). He then studied medicine at the University of Aberdeen where, four years later in 1870, he was awarded his M.D. and Master in Surgery.

In 1868 Frederick Flint was appointed House Surgeon at the Birmingham Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary. In July that year he was among the attendees at the quarterly meeting of the Midland Homoeopathic Society held in Birmingham.

The following year, in 1869, Flint was elected a member of the British Homoeopathic Society.

In September 1874 Flint married May Lance Bower (1854 – 1918). They had nine children: Winifred May (1875 – 1947), Frederic Samuel (1876 – 1943), Edith Mary (1877 – 1964), Dorothy Alice (1879 – 1966), Ethelbert Rest (1880 – 1956), Horace Lance (1881 – 1945), Elsie Christina (1883 – 1966), Beatrice Vaiola (1884 – 1970), Elizabeth May (1890 – 1940).

Two of Flint’s sons followed him into medical practice.

By 1872 Frederick Flint was practicing at 9 Regent Street Yarmouth, and in Norwich at 2 St. Stephens Villa. He also worked alongside Dr. John Roche as one of the medical officers at the Norwich Homoeopathic Dispensary on Little Oxford Street.

In the early 1870s Flint took over the Scarborough practice of Dr. William Simpson Craig at Nicholas Parade, and by 1903 was practicing at 8, Ramshall Road, Scarborough.

In 1887 Flint took on Dr. Alfred Ross on as partner at Vernon Place, and it was Ross who treated Flint in his final illness.

Frederick Flint was not an extensive researcher, but he submitted papers, cases and articles to various homeopathic publications. Flint’s work on aneurysms, and his use of Baryta Muriatica, led to this remedy becoming commonly selected by many homeopaths and even allopaths when confronted by patients with aneurysms.

Flint was a devout Congregationalist, and served as a deacon for twenty-nine years at the Bar Church in Scarborough. He was a philanthropic supporter of Scarborough’s religious charities, including the Town Mission, and was a generous supporter of the British and Foreign Bible Society and the London Missionary Society.

Frederick Flint died following a prolonged illness on 25 July, 1904, leaving behind his wife, May, and nine children. He was buried in Scarborough Cemetery.

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Edward Flint M.D. M.B. C.M. M.R.C.S. (1848 – 25 October 1878) MRCS St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, brother of Frederick Flint, was a British homeopathic physician. He served as House Surgeon at the London Homoeopathic Hospital and subsequently at the Liverpool Homoeopathic Dispensary, before commencing private practice in Canterbury in 1875. Like his brother, Edward Flint was listed as a Medical governor for the London School of Homoeopathy in 1877. He died at the age of 30, and his Obituary is in the British Homeopathic Review.

Horace Flint M.B. M.R.C.S. (28 November 1852 – 1 May 1879), brother of Frederick Flint, was a British homeopathic physician. In 1877 Horace Flint qualified Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Edinburgh, and shortly after was appointed junior resident medical officer at the London Homoeopathic Hospital. He became ill shortly after leaving the hospital to commence private practice and died suddenly, aged 26, just seven months after the death of his older brother, Edward.

Ethelbert Rest Flint M.B. Ch.B. M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. (1880 – 1956), son of Frederick Flint, was an orthodox surgeon who practiced in Leeds, Norwich and Scarborough.

Captain Horace Lance Flint M.D. M.B. Ch.B. (1881 – 1945), son of Frederick Flint, was an orthodox surgeon who practiced in Leeds and later in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

J. Flint (c.1890 – c.1970) [no evident relation], of Glasgow, founder member and first Vice President of the Glasgow Lay Homeopathic Association, letter in Heal Thyself 1932

Austin Flint I (20 October 1812 – 13 March 1886) [no evident relation] was an American orthodox physician, professor of medicine and president of the American Medical Association.