James John Patterson Gelston (1824 – 14 April 1863) was a British orthodox physician and surgeon who converted to homeopathy to become  Assistant House Surgeon at the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary. His colleagues included  Matthew James Chapman, Richard Taylor Geoghegan, Henry Cresswell, John James Drysdale, Theodore D’Orville-Partridge, William Gwynn, John William Hayward, John Murray Moore, Joseph Hall-Platt, Raphael Roche, Adrian Stokes, Thomas Henry Willans, and William Wright. James J. P. Gelston was also a member of The Homeopathic Medico Chirurgical Society of Liverpool.

James John Patterson Gelston was born in Ireland in 1824, the son of John Gelston (c. 1776 – 1836) and Margaret Stuart.

Gelston obtained his medical licence from the Glasgow Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons in 1848.

In 1852, James Gelston lived in Wheeler’s Place, Belfast.

In June, 1853, Gelston married Irish-born Alicia Ann Jane Young (1821 – 1866). They had five children: George Henry (1853 – 1887), Arthur Johnston (1854 – 1934), William Oliver Montgomery (1857 – 1898), Percival John Neil (1859 – 1926), and Sarahbella Gelston (1862 – 1939).

By 1858, Gelston had relocated to Liverpool where he was Assistant House Surgeon to the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary,

During his short career, Gelston submitted cases and articles and provings to various homeopathic publications.

James John Patterson Gelston died at his home, 6 Chester Street, Liverpool, on 14 April, 1863, aged just 39. He was buried in Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool.