Medicines & equipment

/Medicines & equipment

Wooden case with glass vials

Wooden case, with metal edging, cointaining 170 glass vails, 23 [...]

Wooden case with glass vials2019-10-22T09:10:43+00:00

Wooden box containing glass vials

Patterned wooden box containing 66 corked glass vials, marking on [...]

Wooden box containing glass vials2019-10-22T09:03:37+00:00

Box containing glass bottles

Wooden box containing 24 corked glass bottles, inside the lid [...]

Box containing glass bottles2019-10-22T09:26:43+00:00

Fold out case of glass vials

Black leather fold out case containing 56 corked glass bottles, [...]

Fold out case of glass vials2019-10-22T09:27:52+00:00

Small tin of needles

Small rectangular silver tin containing 12 needles, marked on front [...]

Small tin of needles2019-10-22T09:02:32+00:00

Medical kit in tin

Silver tin containing 9 pieces of medical equipment; scissors, scalpel, [...]

Medical kit in tin2019-10-22T09:01:25+00:00

Orange box containing glass vials

Handwritten label: NOSODES, address 'supplied by Ainsworth's Homeopathic Pharmacy, 38 [...]

Orange box containing glass vials2019-10-22T09:31:34+00:00