Medicines & equipment

/Medicines & equipment

Wooden case with glass vials

Wooden case, with brass corners and lock (key missing), containing [...]

Wooden case with glass vials2020-12-07T18:03:10+00:00

Wooden box containing glass vials

Patterned wooden box containing 66 glass vials with cork stoppers. [...]

Wooden box containing glass vials2020-12-07T12:53:17+00:00

Box containing glass bottles

Lockable wooden box (key is missing) containing 24 small glass [...]

Box containing glass bottles2020-12-07T13:12:20+00:00

Small tin containing hypodermic needles

Small silver-coloured rectangular tin, containing 12 hypodermic needles. Stamped on [...]

Small tin containing hypodermic needles2020-12-07T18:06:40+00:00

Medical kit in metal case

Silver-coloured metal case containing 9 pieces of medical equipment: scissors, [...]

Medical kit in metal case2020-12-07T16:48:02+00:00