Charles Sydney Hanson M.D. (31 January 1819 – 25 November 1864) was an orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a House Physician at the Hahnemann Hospital and the London Homeopathic Hospital, physician at the Leicester Homeopathic Dispensary, a member of the British Homeopathic Society and The British Homeopathic Association and the Hahnemann Medical Society, he was also a member of the Statistical Society.

Charles Sydney Hanson practiced at 5 Curzon Street, Mayfair, and in Melton Mowbray and Leicester.

Charles Sydney Hanson was born in January 1819 in Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London, to solicitor Charles Hanson (1791 – 1855) and Julia Halls (1793 – 1866).

Charles Sydney Hanson obtained his M.D. from Glasgow in 1843. He became a member of the British Homoeopathic Society in 1847.

In 1844 he married Anne Green (1819 – 1854). They had eight children: Charles Hahnemann Sydney (c.1842 – 1910), George Sydney (b.1845), Mary (b.1846), Marie Evelyn (b.1847), Helena Evelyn (b.1848), Annie Madeleine (1848 – 1924), Hargreaves Hallis Halls M.D. (1852 – 1917).

In November 1856 he married Lydia Louisa Torriano (c. 1826 – 1883), but they divorced  three years later in 1859 without issue.

In January 1862 Hanson was living in Wolverhampton where he married his third wife, Maria MacDonald Boardman.

Charles Sydney Hanson was an Honorary member of the British Homeopathic Association, and knew the Staff of the Hahnemann Hospital at 39 Bloomsbury Square which included John Anderson, James Chapman, Edward Charles Chepmell, Paul Francois Curie, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Thomas Engall, Joseph Hands, Robert Hamilton, Amos Henriques, Charles Hunt, Henry Kelsall, Joseph Laurie, Henry Victor Malan, James John Garth Wilkinson, David Wilson, William Leaf, George Wyld, Christian Karl Josias Bunsen, Thomas Egerton 2nd Earl of Wilton, Robert Grosvenor, Thomas Roupell Everest, Charles Powell Leslie, James More Molyneux, David Wilson, William Henry Ashurst, William Thomas Berger, W A Case, J M Douglas, G H Flatcher, John Fowler, Joseph Glover, Sydney Hanson, Thomas Higgs, T H Johnstone, John Miller, Chas Pasley, Mathias Roth, Frederick Sandoz, W Stephenson, Samuel Sugden, Allan Templeton, Major Tyndale, William Warne, A Wilkinson, S Wilson and many others.

Sydney Hanson was a Medical Secretary and Resident Physician at a small hospital at Paul Francois Curie‘s house, alongside Barry, Edward Charles Chepmell, William Leaf, Victor Massol, Jas Bell Metcalfe, John Ozanne, William Parsons,

In 1844 Dr. Sydney Hanson from the records of all the cases that had been treated at the hospital, which had been regularly and carefully kept, drew up an elaborate report of the cases treated from 1839 to 1844.

Sydney Hanson’s Obituary is in The British Journal of Homeopathy in 1864.

Of interest:

George Henry Hanson M.D. (1821 – 22 May 1883), younger brother of Charles Sydney Hanson, received his M.D. from Glasgow in 1852. He married Fanny Smyth (1823 – 1902), daughter of Colonel Henry Smyth, at Marylebone, in 1855. They had two children, William Garnet Charles Byron (1856 – 1857) and Amoret Charlotte Ada Rastrick King (1866 – 1940). George Henry Hanson practiced at Hertford Lodge, High Street, Tunbridge Wells, was physician at the Leicester Homeopathic Dispensary, Physician at the Nottingham Homeopathic Dispensary, Resident Physician and Secretary at the Hahnemann Hospital and Physician at the Tunbridge Wells Homeopathic Dispensary. He ended his career at Hampton Place in Brighton and died while visiting Llanthony, Herefordshire, in May 1883.

Scanned from the Folthorp Brighton City Directory 1861 p 446-447  (With thanks to Alan Campbell, private researcher in Brighton, 2 December 2010):


Medical Officers. HENRY R. MADDEN, M.D. 10, Pavilion-parade. G. H. HANSON, Esq., 25, Norfolk-road.

Hon. Sec.–HENRY JAMES, Esq., Lieut. R.N.

Subscribers receive one ticket for each shilling subscribed, which ticket will admit a patient for one month to the benefits of the Institution.  Donations of Five Pounds will entitle the giver to have Twenty-four tickets annually, and so on in proportion for any larger sum. Patients who do not obtain the recommendation of a Subscriber, may be admitted to the benefits of the Institution, on payment of One Shilling per month.

The Dispensary is open for the purpose of affording advice and medicine every day from nine till ten in the morning (Saturday and Sundays excepted). New cases cannot be admitted after 9.30.

Patients who are too ill to attend at the Dispensary will be visited at their own homes, but when such attendance is required, except in cases of emergency, it is necessary that notice should be sent to the Surgeon before 9 A.M. Subscriptions and Donations may be enclosed to the Honorary Secretary, or paid to the Collector, at the Dispensary, 6, Prince Albert-street.

A brief and inaccurate obituary of G. H. Hanson was published in the 1883 British Journal of Homoeopathy, confusing him with his older brother Charles Sydney.

Annie Madeleine Hanson (1848 – 1924), Charles Sydney and Anne’s daughter, married Dr Edward Thomas Blake (1842 – 1905), a member of the Blake homeopathic family.

Hargreaves Hallis Halls Hanson M.D. (1852 – 1917), youngest son of Charles Sydney and Anne, qualified LRCS LRCP [Edinburgh, 1875]. He moved to New South Wales, Australia, and in 1882 was registered by the Colonial Medical Board. He practiced medicine in the Sydney area.