Model of Hahnemann Memorial, Washington DC, USA

Model of Samuel Hahnemann Memorial  on Massachusetts Avenue and 16th Street, NW (Scott Circle), Washington DC, USA.  Sculptor: Charles Henry Niehaus, NY The pedestal has the inscription, SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR. Four large bronze bas-relief panels [...]

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Porcelain bust of Hahnemann

Porcelain bust of Hahnemann, with inscription under left shoulder, copied from a sculpture by German artist, Anton Dietrich.

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Restaurant Hahnemann, Meissen

Photograph of Hahnemann's birthplace and childhood home - on Neumarkt, Meissen. The building was reconstructed and converted into a restaurant in 1879, and there is a bust of Hahnemann above the door. There is handwritten note [...]

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Painting of Hahnemann’s birthplace, Meissen

Watercolour painting of Hahnemann's birthplace and childhood home on the corner of Neumarkt, Meissen.  His father owned the house from 1753 - 1782. Artist: C Werner, 1855 In gilded wood frame There is a handwritten [...]

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Photograph of Hahnemann, 1841

Daguerrotype of Hahneman taken in Paris, 30 September 1841 Reverse information by Thomas Everest, from Daguerreotype of Samuel Hahnemann, Rue du Cherche-Midi, Paris, 30 September 1841 Daguerreotype of Hahnemann, Rue du [...]

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Photograph of British Homœopathic Society Dinner, 1932

Printed below photograph: BRITISH HOMŒOPATHIC SOCIETY / Complimentary Dinner to Dr. & Madame Pierre Schmidt, Connaught Rooms London, April 21, 1932. / Chairman: P. Hall-Smith, Esq., M.A., M.D.             Pierre Schmidt, [...]

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Photograph of a hospital ward

Photograph of a hospital ward, with a handwritten description on the back.

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Photograph of Dr Stuart McAusland

Black and white photograph of Dr Stuart McAusland, President of the Faculty of Homœopathy (1961 - ?), giving an after-dinner speech. Printed on front: Rawood Ltd. / 25 New Oxford Street, W. C. 1. Handwritten [...]

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Copy of portrait of Hahnemann by Schoppe

Copy of a portrait of Hahnemann by the German artist, Julius Schoppe, labelled Dr Hahnemann; illegible handwritten note on back of frame; also two labels on the back - one, Hahnemann Hospital, 42 Hope Street, Liverpool and, [...]

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Bronze bust of Hahnemann

Bronze bust of Hahnemann, on wooden plinth; signed on the back, Ottin (French sculptor) Provenance: Dr R Haehl, presented by the Misses Coles

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Bronze bust of Hahnemann

Medium-sized bronze bust of Hahnemann

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Porcelain bust of Hahnemann

Medium-sized porcelain bust of Hahnemann

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Commemorative cup

Ceramic cup, with hand-painted portrait of Hahnemann and decorated with gold leaf, standing on three feet. Part of a set with commemorative plate (see following entry), presented to Hahnemann to mark his 80th birthday, on [...]

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Dudgeon’s Sphygmograph

Dudgeon's Sphygmograph, in black case Inside lid of case: DUDGEON'S / SPHYGMOGRAPH / PRESENTED TO / THE HUNTERIAN ORATOR / DR. B. T. PARSONS-SMITH / BY / IRWIN MOORE / (HON. TREASURER) / APRIL 9TH [...]

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Statuette of Hahnemann

Ceramic statuette of Hahnemann Inscribed on back: Hahnemann born 10 April 1750 at Meissen, died 2 July 1843 at Paris  W.B. ? 

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