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Porcelain bust of Hahnemann

Porcelain bust of Hahnemann, with inscription under left shoulder, copied [...]

Porcelain bust of Hahnemann2020-12-01T18:01:00+00:00

Restaurant Hahnemann, Meissen

Photograph of Hahnemann's birthplace and childhood home - on Neumarkt, [...]

Restaurant Hahnemann, Meissen2020-12-01T18:22:54+00:00

Photograph of Hahnemann, 1841

Photograph of Hahnemann, Paris 30 Sept 1841 Photographer: H Foncault, [...]

Photograph of Hahnemann, 18412020-12-05T17:37:40+00:00

Photograph of a hospital ward

Photograph of a hospital ward, with a handwritten description on [...]

Photograph of a hospital ward2020-12-01T19:00:53+00:00

Photograph of Dr Stuart McAusland

Black and white photograph of Dr Stuart McAusland, President of [...]

Photograph of Dr Stuart McAusland2020-12-07T17:53:09+00:00

Bronze bust of Hahnemann

Bronze bust of Hahnemann, on wooden plinth; signed on the [...]

Bronze bust of Hahnemann2020-12-05T18:03:37+00:00